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How to Wear Eyeglasses with Hijab

How to Wear Eyeglasses with Hijab

How to Wear Eyeglasses with Hijab

Many of us rely on the eyeglasses to have clear eyesight that enables us to perform daily life activities with ease. It is not easy for girls who wear a hijab to carry eyeglasses with them also. 

You may face difficulties when you are trying to adjust the eyeglasses while wearing a hijab. There is a slight chance that your eyeglasses can slip off or you can experience a headache when eyeglasses are pressed too tightly underneath the hijab.  

You will be thinking that how you would attain an elegant look with comfort while wearing women’s eyeglasses with Hiab, so here is a useful piece of information that will help you to wear glasses with Hijab without any discomfort.

Get Right Eyeglasses Frames

Eyeglasses can make or break your look, so it is important to get the frame that fits your face shape and skin tone while wearing the hijab. An ideal frame should be able to enhance your look and feel. Such frames that have narrow shape are well-suited to the round and oval-shaped faces. 

You need to analyze which eyeglasses frame colors suits your face best. Assess your skin tone and then decide which frame color you should opt for. If you have a warm tone then you can choose pink or blue color eyeglasses. Girls with cooler skin tone can choose the yellow and peach frame colors.  

Dark frame colors go well with cooler skin tones and lighter frame colors are suited for the warm skin tones. As a girl, you should keep these points in mind when you are choosing the eyeglasses frames that you have to wear with the hijab. You can also consider getting the eyeglasses frames that can match the color with your hijab.

Choose your way to wear Hijab

There are different ways to wear hijab, you need to choose which one is suitable for you. You need to consider different hijab styles for glasses wearers. If you have a round shape then you should wear the eyeglasses over the hijab as it will make your face narrower. You should wear the eyeglasses underneath the layers of the hijab if you already have a narrow face shape. 

Choosing the hijab material also highly depends on how you wear women’s glasses. If you want to wear the glasses between the layers of the hijab then choose a material that can keep your eyeglasses in place, something that is not smooth. If you like to wear eyeglasses underneath the different layers then you can choose the smooth material like chiffon. In this way, you don’t have to face any inconveniences of slipping your glasses away.

Get Comfort

If you want to wear the hijab then make sure that it is not too tight when you are wearing eyeglasses with it. Most importantly, it can cause a headache. It does not matter which hijab styles with glasses you opt for, the comfort level should not be compromised at any cost. When you wear a hijab with eyeglasses, your face should look relaxed rather than squished.  

Hopefully, the above-mentioned key points will help you to wear the hijab with eyeglasses comfortably and will enable you to carry it with great confidence. It will help you to perform your daily life activities conveniently by wearing Hijab and eyeglasses in this Ramadan and to make the best out of it.


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