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How to clean your glasses to avoid scratches

How to clean your glasses to avoid scratches

How to clean your glasses to avoid scratches

Almost everyone these days wear eye-glasses. Some wear it because they have got weak eyes, some wear it to protect their eyes from sunshine; usually while driving, some wear it as a prevailing fashion, and some for just like that. But, everyone needs to know the smartness of cleaning glasses as these glasses usually get covered with dust particles and make it difficult to bring a clear view

Driving without proper guidance brings damages to your vehicle and injuries to your body. Similarly, when you use eye-glass without knowing the ways of cleaning it, it spoils your eye-glasses, and as you continue wearing these spoiled glasses, it disturbs your eyes and brings eye-irritations. 

Obviously, eyes are a very sensitive part and an important object to view the world. It is always necessary to protect eyes from going wrong and no one can compromise on it. 

Eye-glasses need smart cleaning

When the discussion comes to cleaning the eye-glasses, I recommend the following smart techniques of an optics shop online to prevent you from spoiling your glasses.

  • Wash your hands

As you go out and touch many things around you so the hands become bit dirty or as you touch your skin, hands become a little oily and filled with lotion, these hands transfer dirt, grime, lotion, and anything else to eye-glasses. In this way, when you clean eye-glasses without washing hands their remains a possibility that dirt may be stuck to the glasses. 

It’s the first step that you should wash hands before cleaning eye-glasses. Moreover, you should avoid directly grabbing the eye-glasses from the lens because it sticks fingerprints on the glass. The eye-frames should be carried by side-arms or temples of the glasses.

  • Wash eye-glasses

The lenses of eye-glasses receive dust particles as they are always uncovered. These dust particles make it difficult to see clearly. When you rub these lenses without washing, it brings tiny scratches on the lenses and timely these scratches completely cover your lenses. However, wearing scratched glasses is also harmful to the strength of the eyes.

It’s the second step that you should wash glasses under a soft stream of lukewarm or normal tap water by applying a drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to get the dust particles removed from the lenses and to make it free from scratches. It is a caution, do not use hot water to rinse your eye-wear lenses because it smears the lens coating.

While washing lenses, it is recommended that every part of the eye-frame should be washed, like its temples, nose pads, bridge, rims, sidearms, and tips because dust particles also accumulate in these parts. Kids should be appreciated to wash their Kid's Premium Glasses.

  • Dry the lense

After washing the lenses of the eye-frame, you should give it a soft and gentle shake, waving it smoothly in the air to remove every possible drop of water. Then it becomes applicable to use a lint-free cloth to dry it further.

Furthermore, give your glasses a gentle rub applying a soft hand for a few seconds. Because the lenses don’t need a fight, lenses can be and should be rubbed with a soft swift. 

  • Use washed-microfiber cloth 

When you dry your lense with a dusty piece of cloth it gets scratched. So it is advised that before cleaning glasses you should wash the microfiber cloth. You don’t have to wash it after every rub, but the piece of cloth should be given a good wash after every 5 to 6 days. 

It is also recommended that the “microfiber” cloth-piece should be used to clean eye-frames instead of any other piece of cloth, especially a lint-full towel.

  • Examine the glasses finally
After passing your glasses through the cleaning process, that will take just a minute or two, you should finally inspect the lenses in a shade of light and also check every part of your eye-frame if any dirt, smudges, or streaks are left.

These recommendations and pieces of advice are for every sort of eye-wear whether it be sunglasses or prescribed glasses. When you wear it you have to know the art of using it. 


Suleman Khan

He is a representative of Webnet Pakistan.