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Dry eye and its preventions

Dry eye and its preventions

Dry eye and its preventions

One can not imagine how much harm is this having dry eyes. As the eyes are a sensitive part of the body, you can not leave them untreated. Agreeably, there is no definite cure for the dry eyes but you can self prevent your eyes from going dried up.

Dry eye has become a common problem as people have little or no awareness to overcome it. Mostly, people do not know the actual symptoms of the dry eye so they do not focus on it and let it go just like that.

Symptoms of dry eyes

There are many signs that give clear indications of dry eyes that usually affect both the eyes. When you feel irritation, burning, or scratchy sensation in your eyes, it makes clear that you are suffering from dry or fry eyes. Sometimes when your eyes constantly urge you to roughly wipe them out, it is also a sign of eye-drying and people make them red instead of understanding why it’s happening.

Moreover, when you feel difficulty in viewing while driving a car or riding a bike at night, or find problems in wearing contact lenses, or observe sensitivity to light, or get a blurred image, it’s a time when you have to realize that these are the obvious signs of dry eyes. You can also go for the best optical shop online to have further knowledge and the best ever eyeglasses.

Causes of dry eyes

After analyzing the symptoms of dry eyes, you have to be curious about the causes of dry eye that what actually leads to this eye-issue. There is a combination of water, fatty oils and mucus which make up your tears and tears are really very good for the eyes that protect them from getting infected.

When your tears are decreased or evaporated it actually causes dry eye problems. Tears are decreased due to aging, diabetes, thyroid disorders, vitamin A deficiency, etc. Similarly, tears are evaporated when you leave your eyes open to air-cons, concentrate on reading, driving, computers, and when you face smoke or wind.

These are certain activities that decrease and evaporate tears and cause dry eyes which leads to eye-irritation, eye-inflammation, eye-infection, and vision-disturbance.

Prevention of dry eyes

The dry eyes can be self-prevented without the consultancy from any doctor or specialist by following certain measures:

  • When you are in an airplane or at a high altitude mountain then there is a possibility of dry eye. In this situation, you have to frequently shut your eyes for fewer minutes to overcome the evaporation of the tears.
  • Smoke is very harmful to your eyes that can cause dry eye. If you smoke so just stop it, and if you don't, stay away from smokers.
  • It is for women who use dryers for hair-drying. You should not direct the hair-dryer to your eyes because its hot air can cause you dry eye issues. Similarly, if you direct the air of air-conditioners and fans to your eyes, it also gives you the same effects. Women having weak eyes should also wear women’s prescription glasses.
  • While concentrating on anything specifically reading, using computers, or painting, etc. you should give your eyes a little or periodic breaks. You should frequently blink your eyes to prevent dry eye problems.
  • Dry air in winters can also become a reason for dry eye. To avoid this, you can use in-door humidifiers to add moisture.
  • It is also good to use regular eye drops to bring artificial tears to your eyes to avoid dry eyes.


Suleman Khan

He is a representative of Webnet Pakistan.