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Do’s and don’ts of using eyeglasses

Do’s and don’ts of using eyeglasses

Do’s and don’ts of using eyeglasses

It is something surprising for me to know that people, who even wear glasses for years, do not have a little understanding of using eye-wears. It seems that they do not consider anything regarding eyeglasses but to see from it whether clear or unclear.

Obviously, you can not let it go just like that as it is a matter of your eyes. You have to follow the do’s and don’ts of using the eyeglasses for your glasses protection and importantly for your eyes protection. 

Prescription glasses do not just show you a clear view, but these glasses stabilize your eyesight number and prevent your eyes from going more weaker. Your unwilling attitude of keeping eyeglasses in a proper way may cost you.

If you aren’t intending to follow the do’s and don’ts, you will have eye-related severe consequences in the future.

Prevent you from don’ts

There are following don’ts from those you have to stop yourself:

  • Stop cleaning glasses from dusty and oily clothes

The non-recommended and rustic strategies of cleaning eyewear give you easily available ways that actually spoil your eyewear’s lenses. Using tissues, toilet paper, shirts, jeans, etc. are all the unsophisticated ideas to clean eyeglasses because all these things contain dust and dirt particles. By rubbing from these things, especially when the lenses are dry, your lens gets scratches. It’s like a play with your own eyes.

Kids also use a corner piece of a bedsheet to clean prescription glasses for kids If your lens gets scratched, you do not have to buff it away. Sensibly, these techniques do not give a good clean to your eyewear but spoil it further.

  • Stop drooling saliva and breathing on the lense

Mostly, people apply those techniques to clean glasses that make no sense but then even they continue. Cleaning glasses through saliva and exhaling on the lense are two of them. These are actually self adopted ways, not recommended by anyone.

Those who apply these techniques should stop it because firstly, it’s an unsophisticated way and secondly, it smears your glasses. It can be a timely cure, but it spoils your glasses in the long run.

  • Stop putting your glasses on a surface and keep it in a case

Usually, people put their glasses wherever they find a place on the spot. When they go to sleep they keep it beside them uncovered. An eye-frame placed on a floor or table where its lens touching the ground brings scratches to the lense.

So, it’s a smart solution to keep your glasses in a protected case for the prevention of scratches. It will also help you find your glasses where you put it because most of the people forget where they just put it and then find it as if their eyes have gone lost.

Encourage you for Do’s

There are following do’s that you should follow and encourage yourself to follow them always. Here is the best glasses online shop that sells out-class glasses and also encourages you to follow these do’s.

  • You should get a prescription first

It is a harmful act to wear someone else glasses or have your own unprescribed glasses. You should first get your eyesight checked from the optician and according to his prescription, you should get eyeglasses.

  • You should wash hands and eyeglass before cleaning it

For cleaning the eyeglasses it is a sophisticated way and recommended act to first wash your hand and glasses under a gentle stream of tap water. This activity erases dust and dirt particles both from your hands and glasses that could have stuck to the lens. It is also advised to apply a little drop of lotion-free dishwashing soap to the lens.

  • You should use a microfiber cloth for cleaning eyeglasses

Using a microfiber cloth piece for cleaning eyeglasses is good for the strength of lenses. You can have these cloth-pieces from opticians. The microfiber cloth should also be kept in a case and washed after every 5 to 6 days.

  • You should unwear your eyeglasses with both hands

When you remove or unwear your glasses you should use both hands because removing it by using one hand smears the shape of an eye-frame. Especially, when it comes to rimless glasses, as they are too sensitive, you need extra care.


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