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CVS and steps for its relief

CVS and steps for its relief

CVS and steps for its relief

Sometimes it becomes difficult to judge a thing whether to continue with it or drop it. But there is always a mid choice to go with. Here the discussion is about digital screens that remit violet rays and harm eyes. In a recent period of time, people are involved in using digital screens (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) that cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and bring ocular and non-ocular problems.

Using computers has also become a need for time in which every business relies on. Everything is online now, as you enter the office you have to switch on the computers to start work. On the one hand, adults use computers because of work, on the other hand, children and mostly, teenagers are absorbed in using computers and mobile phones in a reckless manner. People also go for the best glasses online shop to purchase eyeglasses.  Now the little children do not need their feeders but mobile phones to watch cartoons. Similarly, the younger generation uses a computer for social sharings and chattings.

Initial signs of CVS

Computer Vision Syndrome is not like any physical damage but it’s internal damage to your eyes and body. The initial symptoms or signs of CVS are:

  • Eye strains; where you have got irritation in your eyes and feel like something is entered in your eyes.
  • Blurred vision; where everything you see it looks like fade and blur.
  • Double vision; where you experience everything and everyone doubles in quantity even if you see your child in a double vision state, you will be literally shocked.
  • Headaches; where you have got heavy brain that will be moved as you move your head. It is truly a tensing situation in which everyone wants to eliminate it quickly.
  • Dry eyes; where your eyes got reddish because of the decrease in tears. The tears decrease due to evaporation, as you remain your eyes open in front of the computer and blink less frequently it dries up your tears and brings dry eyes. Instead of this, there are also many reasons for tears decreasing like aging, diabetes, thyroid disorders, vitamin A deficiency, constant reading, driving, facing smoke, etc.

Not only this, but the CVS makes you feel other non-ocular symptoms;

  • Neck pain; it happens mostly with employees working on computers and giving their full official time sitting with straight neck and facing the screen constantly.
  • Back and shoulder pain; as the employees who remain absorbed in working on a computer and do not move frequently, they face back and shoulder pain. It happens because of stiffness and no frequent movement.

Steps to relief CVS

Anyone having or suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome can relief it by their selves without seeing the doctor. You just follow these simple steps to make good for yourself.

  • To counter CVS you should have proper or moderate lighting in your surroundings. You should stop sunlight to enter inside the room through drapes and shades and avoid working immediately under the fluorescent light that directly hits your eye lense. Do not place your computer in front and behind a window.
  • You can change the computer display setting according to your convenience; It’s brightness, font size, and color temperature.
  • If you are still having old monitors then replace it with LEDs that have an anti-reflective surface.
  • Just blink your eyes frequently to collect moisture in your eyes that protect you from the dry-eye problem. it is proven that we blink far less frequently when using a computer and it is something bad with yourself.
  • To avoid neck, back, and shoulder pain, you should take short breaks and stretch your legs, arm, and neck and move around your office cubical. While moving around your office, you can wear best eyeglasses for men to show you charming personality to the office staff. 
  • Apply the recommended “20-20-20” rule, it’s like breaking focus from the computer screen at least every 20 minutes and stare at a far object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.
  • You should wear digital screen protection glasses to shield your eyes from harmful radiation emitting out from the screens.
  • Place your computer screen a few inches below the eye level.

These steps or recommendations will let you solve CVS by your self to have a clear vision without any future problem.


Suleman Khan

He is a representative of Webnet Pakistan.