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8 Eyeglasses Trends of 2019

8 Eyeglasses Trends of 2019

8 Eyeglasses Trends of 2019

Some years back wearing eyeglasses was not a preferable way to enhance the look. But in recent past trends have taken a 360-degree change and now people are considering eyeglasses as one of the coolest things to revamp their personality.

You don’t necessarily have to follow the latest eyeglasses trends if you are not comfortable wearing it. Your face shape decides which eyeglasses are well-suited to your personality, so you first need to assess your face shape and then decide which eyeglasses compliment your personality in the best possible manner.  

Here are some of the top eyeglasses trends of 2019.  


Double Bridge Frames

One of the major eyeglasses trends of 2019 was the Double bridge frames. This style is mostly preferred by women who want to gain a smart look. These frames have a circular shape, so they are perfectly suited to square-shaped faces. For a stronger style statement, you can also choose the thick plastic frame available in this design. For women's prescription glasses this frame is an ideal choice.      

Leopard Frames 

The animal print fashion trend in eyeglasses was immensely popular in 2019 and the leopard frame was one of it. People who wanted to look sophisticated chose this frame. But still, these frames come in different shapes, so if you want to buy this frame then you need to consider your face shape first.   

Plastic Frames

Plastic frames are different from others as they look so different and original. These frames also come in different styles and shapes. The question is that can you carry this frame?  Is it suited to your personality? 

Famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin were also seen wearing these frames that show the style statement of these eyeglasses.  

Cat-Eye Frames

A cat-eye frame is something that is not new but still, they are appealing to the eyes and have that strong vintage look. For further enhancements in the frame, you can add thin metal that can increase the length of the frame and will create a mesmerizing effect.     

Round Circular Frames 

These frames are ideal for people who wanted to get the geeky look. This frame should be your first choice if you belong to the geeky community. If you want to gain the John Lennon look then these eyeglasses are the perfect fit for you. 

Wire Frames 

Wireframes had the most captivating look out of all trending frames. These eyeglasses frames are built of thin metal that gives you a unique look and due to thinness of the frame eyeglass is very subtle. You can find it mostly in black prescription glasses and pink.

Wayfarer Frames 

These frames will always be prioritized by eyeglasses wearers as it gives a cool look with the mildest touch. You can always update wayfarer eyeglasses by choosing a thin frame with a soft color.  

Round Oversized Frames 

These eyeglasses are the perfect fit for eyeglasses wearers having the square face shape. These frames have a thin wire that doesn’t make you very prominent among the crowd. The black color is mostly preferred in these eyeglasses frames that make you look super attractive. 


Some of the above-mentioned eyeglasses frames like round, plastic, and thin frames are expected to remain as a top trend in 2020 as well. You can always opt for these eyeglasses frames but remember you have to consider your face shape first. It doesn’t matter that if you choose the top trending eyeglasses frame for yourself because it is of no use unless it doesn’t suit you.  


Suleman Khan

He is a representative of Webnet Pakistan.