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5 Key Points to Consider While Buying Eyeglasses Online

5 Key Points to Consider While Buying Eyeglasses Online

5 Key Points to Consider While Buying Eyeglasses Online

As per the statistical study, three out of four individuals need prescription eyeglasses due to weak eyesight. Some people have genetic issues of vision and some experience poor vision as they grow older.

Once you start wearing eyeglasses you may feel the need of changing it after some time. Nowadays people prefer buying eyeglasses online. You may also know how to order eyeglasses online but you need to understand some major factors that play a crucial role when you buy eyeglasses online.

The most common issues that people face are the budget, time, and confusion to decide which style of eyeglasses is the perfect fit for them.

Here is a complete guide that will help you to understand how you can buy your desired eyeglasses online conveniently.

Updated Eyeglasses Prescription

The standard time is 2 years for the validity of prescription for adults and 1 year for younger individuals. You need to visit your local optician to get the updated prescription as it is essential for new prescription eyeglasses. You must get a copy of your prescription eyeglasses by your optometrist afterward.

You need to know some abbreviations while ordering the prescription eyeglasses online.

OD stands for (oculus dexter) which is referred to as your right eye. OS (oculus sinister) is used for your left eye. Sphere (SPH) is used to indicate the power of the lens that indicates the long (+) and short-sightedness (-).

Get your PD

The distance between two pupils of your eyes is known as the Pupillary Distance (PD). It is measured in millimeters and its accurate number is important for the correct positioning of eyeglasses lenses.

Whether you want reading glasses or any other, it is recommended to get your PD measured by the experienced optician to get the right measurement. To buy eyeglasses online, you must get your PD as you have to provide it to the online that you’ll buy eyeglasses from.

Right Frames

To get the perfect frame by ordering eyeglasses online, you need to follow the simple guidelines. Firstly, you need to consider your face shape that which eyeglasses will suit your facial features most. Go for something clean and simple that can ensure contrast for your face type.

You need to assess your personal and professional life as well while choosing the eyeglasses frame. If you own a large business then you need to consider the colors of the sophisticated frame. Go for the oval and rectangle shape eyeglasses. If you are a college student then you can consider the eye-catching frame colors and styles.

Avoid Extra Features

You should avoid add-ons that increase the cost of eyeglasses such as anti-reflective, anti-scratch, etc. Decide what you need and then compare the price with different online retailers. Don’t choose the eyeglasses frames based on the advertised price.

Refund Policy

Check the refund policy of the online store before ordering the eyeglasses. You should be able to exchange the eyeglasses without any hassle in case if eyeglasses don’t fit your face. There is no person to assist you online on the spot. You have to decide on the spot, so take your time and make the right decision.


Hopefully, the above mentioned key points will help you to make the right choice while buying eyeglasses online for the first time. You’ll be able to buy the eyeglasses within your budget and according to your taste of style.


Suleman Khan

He is a representative of Webnet Pakistan.